Karate Classes

 Training follows traditional Kyokushin-kai Karate methodology, focusing on – Kihon (basics) – Kata (coordinated sequence of movements) and – Kumite (sparring). We value self respect, discipline and equality, with an emphasis on technique, physical fitness and the building of the mind and spirit.

Adult classes are presently held three times per week, whereas classes for kids are presently held two times per week. The classes are divided into a beginners and senior level. Beginners can join at any time and are encouraged to work with senior students during classes in a mentoring environment. 

Katsu Dojo offers a Black Belt Program for Young Kyokushin students and people who are determined to achieve a black belt rank in Kyokushin karate within four years through hard training. 

Fundamentals class

This class covers only the fundamentals and basic techniques necessary to create a solid base for learning the art of kyokushin karate. This is the first step for anyone beginning their training, and is the stepping stone to the general karate classes. However, this class will also serve to teach higher graded students when additional attention is required for the basic techniques of their level.

General karate classes 

karate class kickGeneral class covers all aspects of general karate practice and incorporates both ancient and modern methodology of karate training, covering Kihon, Kata, Go shin jitsu (Self-defence), Weapons, as well as Kumite. 

It is designed to give you a complete understanding of the Kyokushin system, from beginners through to advanced students. Furthermore, along with the skills of karate it incorporates the fundamental elements of fitness, strength, and flexibility.

Under the guidance of qualified instructors, each student progresses at their own pace until they become proficient in the skills of karate. 

TournamentTournament training 

Besides the general training classes we conduct casual classes for people interested in learning more about the fundamental aspects of the Kyokushin Karate Full Contact style of tournament fighting. This class is open to selected students who are interested in improving their fighting skills and are presumed to be familiar with basic execution of techniques. 

Circuit training

Circuit training is a fitness training aimed at improving fitness (stamina). Every class conducted at KATSU DOJO has some kind of fitness workout embedded. Some of the fitness exercises use karate techniques while others are more general. Ultimately, the exercises are all aimed at improving fitness, which is crucial at moments of competition.


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