Karate for kids

As a parent, you hope that your children will attain their full potential, but there may be obstacles in the way of their success. Their innate talents and gifts can be difficult to show to the world if they have trouble focusing, lack self-control, or are simply shy or self-doubting.  That’s where karate for kids at Katsu Dojo really can make a difference.

Helping children reach their peak potential.

Every day, we see exactly how life-transforming the study of martial arts can be. Our karate classes for kids age 6 and up are unique in that we combine martial arts and character development.

In order to move through our rank system, students have to meet both the physical and character requirements of our curriculum.
That’s what sets our karate program apart from other sport programs.

Katsu Dojo is a great fit for any parent seeking to help their child reach their full potential.
Our classes are fun and fast-paced, and our curriculum is rigorous. We therefore need commitment from both students and their families.

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Enhance your child’s focus

Karate helps kids focus better, because learning new kicks, blocks, and forms takes concentration. Children also learn how critical it is to pay attention to their opponent’s movements.

Help your child build confidence!

Martial arts build up children’s confidence so that they are able to project an aura of strength and ensure that bullies do not perceive them as easy targets.

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