Black belt program

Kyokushin karate is not learned overnight.  It takes years to properly learn the fundamentals.  The basic techniques are performed thousands of times (Renma 錬磨 – “always polishing”) until they are done by reflex or instinct, without conscious thought (Mushin 無心 – “no mind”).  It’s easy to get frustrated by doing the same thing over and over again, especially when progress seems to be slow.  To overcome that frustration and continue training takes patience and determination.

Katsu Dojo Black Belt Program is designed for young Kyokushin students and people who are determined to achieve a black belt rank in Kyokushin karate within four years through hard training.

Students who enroll in this program will have to meet requirements for both the physical and the character portions of our curriculum and eventually become true leaders for the growth of Kyokushin in their countries and around the world.

Undergraduate students from nearby universities are especially encouraged to enroll in this program. They will be able to reach a black belt at the end of their undergraduate studies at the university. A black belt …. is for life!

black belt programParticipants of the Black Belt program (Uchi Desi):

  • Will follow a special training program.    
  • Should strictly obey the dojo etiquette’s 
  • Should attend regular training hours and should also train individually
  • Are responsible for opening and closing the dojo.   
  • Should have the determination to become a Kyokushin black belt in four years.

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