Tournament fighting

Kyokushin places high emphasis on full contact fighting for adults at advanced belt levels. The students all must take part in hard sparring to prepare them for full contact tournament fighting. The level of contact is tempered because bare-handed punches to the head are not allowed. Whilst knees and kicks to the head and face are allowed, owing to the nature of these techniques, injuries are rare. This makes the Kyokushin style of training very popular amongst professionals.

This class is open to selected students who are interested in improving their fighting skills and are presumed to be familiar with the advanced execution of techniques.

The class structure will always involve a good warm up and stretching, and then moves directly into intensive combinations training to develop speed, stability and execution. Partner exercise is an essential element here as we simulate block and attack strategy, practice bag training and sparring with opponents.

Katsu Dojo Fighting Affiliate

Katsu Dojo will offer seminars, monthly clinics, and dojos from other martial arts styles for those whoonly wish to learn full-contact fighting techniques. Individuals wishing tocompete in national and international tournaments can also join Katsu Dojo as a Fighting Affiliate.

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  • Learn the World’s Strongest Karate fighting techniques.
  • Learn or enhance your skills to fight full-contact, with or without pads.
  • Champion Fighters and/or Master Instructors teach each seminar, clinic, or event.
  • Compete with the Malaysian Fight Team at national events.
  • Have the chance to qualify for the Malaysian Kyokushin Fight Team and compete in international events.
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